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Scheduling Instructions

GGFA Field Scheduling Instructions

GGFA fields and other resources are scheduled using free Google Calendar tools.  In order to submit events for scheduling, you must have a valid Google account.

From your Google calendar, invite one of the fields or resources to the left as an invitee to your event.  You can copy and paste the corresponding address to the right or you can download the file to import the contacts into your address book for future use.

Events are scheduled first come and first serve.  Events that are attempted to be scheduled when a field or other resource already is scheduled at that time, will be denied.  Verify that your field or resource has been scheduled by looking at the corresponding calendar on the GGFA website as some scheduling utilities will not notify you that your request was denied.


For non-GGFA team use, scheduling is typically cleared on Monday's by 5:30pm for the following week.  Scheduling is on a first come and first come basis.  

If you'd like to be notified weekly when the following week schedule is available for scheduling, please add your e-mail to the listing below.

ECSC Field 1

ECSC Field 2

ECSC Field 3

ECSC Field 4 

North Batting Cage

South Batting Cage

Contacts \ Additional Assistance

Contact one of the resource managers below for any issues regarding conflicts or other issues with the available resources.  Contact the webmaster for technical assistance needed or issues with using the calendars.

Jim West

Resource Manager

Carrie Snyder

Resource Manager

Quentin Rogers